End of Year Review

Summed up by a Facebook post from our front man, Logan Oakes, 2015 was the most successful year in our five-year career as a band. We traveled across half the country and played more shows than we ever have for more people than we ever have. Our mission as a band is to reach people, so this past year has been a great one. From sleepless nights driving to and from shows to playing intense games of Lord of the Rings Risk, 2015 is a year to remember.


Photo Credit: Jeanette Yoder Photography

Going forward into 2016, our top priority is releasing new music. We have been teasing new music on social media for quite some time, so we are anxious to get that out to all of you. We are focusing on putting out meaningful music and taking the necessary time to get it to what we believe is the best it can be.


For anyone who has listened to teasers via Instagram (thelastinghope) or Snapchat (TLHMusic), you have heard that we are going away from the pop/punk sound and moving towards a more mature pop sound. After releasing Sunsets & Second Chances, we believe this is the next natural step for our music. We are continuing to work with Mark Lee Townsend to help make our vision a reality.


2016 is shaping up to be the most important year for us as a band. Once May rolls around, everyone in the band will be out of school and we will be going full-time in music. We will need your support more than ever to help keep us on the road. Our dream is to create music that young people can relate to that draws them closer to Christ. From day one we have seen this opportunity as a ministry, not a band.


As always, thanks for all your support in 2015. We look forward to your continued support in 2016.