Summer 2015

 September 13th, 2015. Rock on Water Festival. Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

September 13th, 2015. Rock on Water Festival. Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

This summer has been everything we could have hoped for. After being on the road all summer, traveling well over 15,000 miles, and making more new friends than we can count, the consensus in the band is that we don’t want this summer to end. Our tour dates this summer consisted of shows in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, Iowa, West Virginia, and South Dakota. If you have followed our journeys on social media, you might remember some of these stories, but if not, we wanted to reflect on some of our experiences.


One of the biggest things we saw this summer was God’s complete faithfulness. We had a lot of vehicle issues this summer, but we never missed a show. From not reliably starting, to complete engine failure, somehow we always ended up perfectly fine. The largest obstacle was the most eye-opening. While driving through Iowa on our way back to Indiana, we had a major engine failure. All of our shows for that run were complete and we all were exhausted. We broke down off of an exit and sat for two hours trying to figure out what we were going to do. Eryn has a friend from the area we broke down in, so through a series of text messages and phone calls, his friend set us up with his parents, who lived 10 minutes away. They took us in for two days and treated us like their own kids. We broke down about 8 hours from home and God placed us 10 minutes from a connection. We tend not to worry about things at this point because they always work out. God is faithful!


We take special memories from every single show we play. Two shows this summer that particularly stand out are a high school church camp in Iowa and returning to Holiday World for the second time. At the camp, 500 high schoolers were packed into a small sanctuary with us. At one point, Logan was holding the microphone out to the crowd and they picked him up in some sort of involuntary crowd surfing session. It was a surprise to all of us on stage, but a good one. We were also blessed to be back at Holiday World for the second year in a row this summer. This year we weathered the heat and spent the day riding rollercoasters. What’s better than riding coasters with your buds? Oh yeah, we also played a set as well. It was a great opportunity to play in front of both Christians and nonbelievers. Our mission is always to reach the lost, so we love having the opportunity to minister outside the walls of a church.


We are wrapping up our summer with possibly the most exciting part of it. We recently went back to Nashville and spent some time with our good friend, Mark Lee Townsend, to start working on our upcoming EP, “Vandals.” Two songs are currently being mixed and mastered. As you have seen in some of our Twitter posts, we are extremely excited for this new music to come out. We are taking it in a new direction and sticking close to our ministry foundation. We have been shown over and over the love of God in our own lives and see it as our purpose to pass that on to the hurting and the hopeless. There is always hope in Christ and we intend on showing that through this new EP. The title of the EP comes from the concept of going against the grain and against what society says is right and good. If you have turned on the news this summer, you know Christians are being persecuted overseas and looked down on even in our own country. We are breaking the societal mold and showing the love that Christ has shown us, regardless of who judges us or tries to tell us we are wrong. It’s time we all stood up as vandals for Christ!


To everyone who has made this summer possible, we owe you a huge thank you. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to play at your festival, church, venue, etc. We hope to see you in the fall!