Vandals Release

After two years, we have finally released new music. We put so much into this EP that it doesn’t even feel real that it is finished. Everything about this EP is different from the last. It had to be. It was written during long car rides and McDonalds coffee stops (much cheaper than Starbucks). Each song has a unique feel and vibe. We didn't want to write the same song over and over, so with Vandals each song is its own. “All Things” was written in the studio in the most procreating style, and “Rescue” was written mostly on an iPhone app (Mark Lee Townsend can take anything and make it awesome). Each song has a story. Tanner did a killer job with the artwork by bringing our Vandals vision to life, something that the rest of us have no business doing. 




We aren't finished.


Shortly after finishing Vandals, we realized that waiting two years to release music is way too long, and we didn’t want to do that ever again. We are currently traveling back and forth to Nashville to work on some brand new material. We have actually already finished our next single, and we have never been more excited about a song. We are progressing with our music to say the least. We will continue to put out music as long as God continues to let us. 

As always, thank you for your continued support. We have been so blessed over the years. The Lasting Hope will always be a tool for us to reach people with the gospel. Music opens ears, but Christ opens hearts.