"But I’m still drowning, surrounded; I'm sinking further down in what I’ve always doubted."

It's amazing how often we doubt. We constantly say we put our trust in God. We pray it, we praise with it, we even put it on the back of money (hopefully it stays that way). Yet more often than not, we doubt him. So are we simply reminding ourselves that we are supposed to put our trust in Him, or are we actually doing it?

If you follow us at all, you know that we recently parted ways with our keyboardist Logan Trowbridge. Logan is pursuing what God is calling him to and we couldn't be more excited for what he will do for the Kingdom. With that being said, it leaves us in an awkward place. For all of the ground that we have gained over the past few months, does this mean we are taking a step back? Does it mean we're stuck? We struggled with this at first. So what were we left with? Trust.

"You're closing the distance between me, and where I felt alone"

There is an overwhelming sense of peace when you come to the conclusion that everything is in God's hands. We can fight with that all we want, but when it comes down to it, He is in control, not us.

We are so excited for this next chapter in our band's life. We feel that God is still calling us to reach out this generation and we will continue to be obedient. Because when all is said and done, "You are my only Lifeline." Check out our brand new video here!