New Tunes Coming Soon!

And we’re back! Long time no talk? See? Read? Anyways, we have so much to tell you guys about and we thought we would start with a new blog post! First off, we want to thank you guys for showing us so much support during these last couple of months. We have seen a lot of familiar faces at multiple shows and we couldn’t be happier that you guys still want to come and see us. If you have watched us recently, you probably have noticed that we are now a four piece band. Our former merch guy, Tanner Marling, has stepped up on bass and is doing an awesome job. If you guys have been keeping up with us on social media, you have probably noticed the countless posts about the fact that we are writing again! We have been really trying to push our limits with these new songs. We wanted to create songs that are true to who we really are. We feel that stylistically and lyrically these are some of the best songs we have ever written. We took a new direction with a lot of the songs. We didn’t think it was necessary to write the exact same style of songs for our second release. We have grown a lot since we put out our first EP, Sunsets & Second Chances. Along the way we found certain things we liked, and certain things that we feel like we have moved past. Working with styles that we have never attempted has really opened doors to be more creative with our music. Although many elements of our music will be different, it will still sound like us so no need to worry ;). We still haven’t decided whether or not we will be recording a full length album or another EP, but when we know, you will too. We are hoping to put out our first single off of our upcoming release late this spring. We will also be doing another FaithLauncher for our release. We loved giving fans unique opportunities with our last campaign and the perks of this one will be 10x better!