Rock the World at Holiday World

On Saturday, the five of us had the incredible opportunity to perform at Holiday World’s Rock the World festival. The festival is held at an amusement park in Santa Claus, IN and is home to some of the highest ranked wooden roller coasters in the nation. While we were excited to ride some rides and have a good time, the main excitement for the day came from being able to play on the festival’s main stage. With artists like 1 Girl Nation, Sanctus Real, Mandisa, and Toby Mac playing on the same stage, the pressure was on for the five of us to be on the top of our game. We loaded up the van and made our way to the Santa Claus Lodge on Friday night. Upon getting there we realized that we had very quickly entered the most festive hotel that any of us had ever seen. With giant Santas and heavily decorated Christmas trees lining the lobby walls, the ninety degree weather we had just walked out of seemed just a little out of place.

The next morning we loaded back up and made our way to the park. The place was buzzing with workers who were making final preparations for the concert. After double checking our load in times, we began preparing ourselves in the only way we knew how: by riding roller coasters. Walking around the park and standing in line for rides wasn’t only a way for us to have a little fun, but it also opened up the chance for us to get to meet some incredible new fans. Along the way, we also saw a ton of old friends that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the last few years at different shows.

Our time to ride ran out quickly and we made our way back to the load in docks. We hauled our stuff on stage, ran through a quick sound check, and watched as crowds of people began to make their way toward the stage. Very quickly, five o’ clock approached and the five of us prepared to take the stage. In what seemed like no time at all we were finished with our set, and ready to watch the next few acts. However, the weather seemed to have different plans than we did. As storm clouds rolled in, we watched herds of people rush into the park’s diners and gift shops as the officials informed everyone that the show would be postponed for a few hours until the storms passed. Once they finally did, the park was opened back up and all of the people began to fill the field surrounding the stage. One after another, the mains acts took the stage, performed their best, and gave glory to God the entire way through. The day gave the five of us such an awesome experience that we won’t soon forget. We are so blessed to have the support of our fans and to have opportunities like Rock the World.